Cara Membuat Green Walls atau Dinding Hijau Sebagai Penangkal Panas Sinar Matahari

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Choosing a net Image: Choosing a net,Type1: Longitudinal,Type2: Oblique
Either type of netting is acceptable for growing goya.
However, if growing climbing plants such as a morning glory, its better to choose a type of netting closer to example #1.

 Growing a Green Curtain

1. Preparing the soil  |  2. Planting  |  3. Constructing the netting   |  4. Watering  |  5. Additional fertilizer  |  6. Completion

1. Preparing the soil

Place a layer of stones at the bottom of the planter and cover with soil.

Preparing the soil (shown at Kyocera Okaya Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

The Okaya Plant chose to dig a ditch directly in the ground outside of a building instead of using planters.

Image: Dig a ditch
Dig a ditch
Image: Completed scene
Image: Fill the ditch with soil
Fill the ditch with soil

Completed scene

2. Planting

Plant seeds or seedlings into the soil.
When using seeds, cover the seed with soil and water immediately. (Germination takes 2 or 3 weeks)
We recommend using seedlings, as it sets roots firmly, and the foliage grows faster. If you grow goya, seeding should be started from the middle of April to beginning of May, and from the end of April to beginning of May for seedlings. (Based on Japan’s season and climate. May vary for other regions.)

Sprouting (Kyocera Okaya Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

We transplanted seedlings of the goya plant into the ground after sowing the seeds in a planter on April 22nd and 28th . The germination took from 10 to 14 days.

Image: Kidney bean seedling
Kidney bean seedling
Image: Morning glory seedling
Image: Cowpea seedling
Cowpea seedling

Morning glory seedling

3. Constructing the netting

Construct the netting before the plant growth starts climbing

Image: Angle of installation for south -facing wallsImage: Angle of installation for east or west-facing walls If you install the netting over an east or west facing wall, it is best to erect the Green Curtain vertically as the sunlight angle of incident is low.
Because the angle of sunlight from south is high, the temperature of the ground near the window tends to rise. If you install the netting over a south facing wall , it is effective to construct at a slant, and make the space of the shadow large.

Image: Constructing the netting(Cover not only the window area, but as wide a range as possible.)Image: Constructing the netting
It is helpful to stake or use a pole to stabilize the netting at the top and bottom.

Extending the netting to allow the plant to shadow walls and the ground as far as possible,This will make the Green Curtain more effective in preventing the rise in room temperature.
Images provided by the Kyoto Center for Climate Actions

Installation of the netting (Kyocera Okaya Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

The Okaya plant installed netting covering the seedlings along the wall of the building.

Image: Kidney bean seedling
Installation of the netting

4. Watering

Water twice a day in the mornings and evenings. (Water in accordance with your local summer weather climates needs.)

5. Additional fertilizer

After initial planting, add in fertilizer every 2 weeks. However, please be careful not to add too much. Adjust the amount of additional fertilizer used depending on individual growing conditions.

6. Completion

Green Curtains will be formed from around the end of June to the beginning of July.
You can also enjoy harvesting vegetables such as goya and kidney beans.

Formation of Green Curtains (Kyocera Okaya Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

Green Curtains with a total length of 140m at a height of 2m were grown at the Okaya Plant.
Its foliage grew luxuriantly and blocked out direct sunlight. Kidney beans and cowpeas bore vegetables, and the rose giants and morning glories bloomed beautiful flowers.

Image: Formation of Green Curtain
Image: Flower of rose giant and morning glory
Formation of Green Curtain
Image: View of Green Curtain from inside of the room
View of Green Curtain from
Image: Kidney beansinside of the room

Kidney beans

Flower of rose giant and morning glory

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